Environmental Resolution by the Martin County Republican Executive Committee

Adopted March 21, 2019


Whereas, Martin County is a coastal community on the Atlantic Ocean with Stuart, its county seat, on the St. Lucie River and the Indian River Lagoon—home to the most biologically diverse estuary in North America— honeycombed with various creeks, tributaries and canals;

Whereas, the maritime industry—composed of every venture from yacht builders to outrigger manufacturers; commercial and charter fishermen to paddleboard and kayak guides—comprise our No. 1 employer, generating nearly $1 billion in annual economic development;

Whereas coastal residential properties of varying sizes and styles account for the lion’s share of our local ad valorem dollars;

Whereas responsible infrastructure investment is vital to ensure the resiliency of our roads, highways, bridges, utilities and better fortify our region from hurricanes, flooding and dangerous weather events as well as protect our beaches, shores, waterways and natural resources during natural disasters;

Whereas public educational curricula and programs such as the Environmental Studies Center imbue our young people of all ages with knowledge of our local natural resources and principles of stewardship; 

Whereas numerous onslaughts of toxic-water discharges from Lake Okeechobee have increased in recent years, inflicting tremendous damage not only on habitat and wildlife but recently on pets, people, as well as property values; 

Whereas the Republican Party is rooted in principles of conservationism and environmental stewardship since the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt;

Whereas Governor Ron De Santis campaigned on the promise of protecting and rehabilitating Florida’s waterways, overturning polices that limited efforts of reform, and commenced rapidly fulfilling those promises, particularly with Executive Order 19-12 (“Achieving More Now for Florida’s Environment”);

Whereas Congressman Brian Mast also governed and campaigned to alter longstanding federal policies regarding the management of water from Lake Okeechobee to more evenly incorporate the concerns of the estuarine communities, who draw no water from the lake but absorb its detriments and excesses;

Now, therefore be it resolved that the Republican Executive Committee of Martin County supports the resolution by a vote of the majority.

  • Taking steps to reduce to zero the amount of toxic Lake Okeechobee discharges leading to the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon;
  • · Lowering Lake Okeechobee to a reasonable level during the dry season to create capacity for additional storage during the wet season;
  • · Federal appropriations and expedited completion of the southern reservoir;
  • · Completion of additional projects north and south of the lake that will naturally cleanse water flowing into the lake and create additional areas to capture, store, cleanse and reuse excess water;
  • · Use of tested technologies that measure the water to ascertain toxicity;
  • · Coordinated and cooperative efforts among governmental agencies to properly notify the public of potential hazards to human and animal health associated with the toxic conditions of area waterways;
  • · Efforts to strengthen the Herbert Hoover Dike;
  • · Programs that provide grant assistance to individuals and businesses seeking voluntary transition from septic to sewer—particularly in areas of greatest need;
  • · Fertilizing with slow-release, water-insoluble nitrogen and phosphate-free fertilizer only during the growing season; and the 
  • · Leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis, Congressman Brian Mast, and the broad base of local, state and federal members of Republican leadership who committed to protecting health and human safety, and the local economy, small businesses, property values, natural resources, and wildlife that depend on them.